What a wicked game you play 😈

Issue: 02 - Small change adds up

to make me feel this way.

Like they’ll ever hire you now

Well, you royally f*cked that up

If you get on the train, you’ll die. Nobody should die on the 6hr54 to Waterloo

Who am I kidding, I can’t do this

Maybe I’ll just drive into the central reservation

What if Suzy is dead? Shit, Suzy is dead. I can’t believe Suzy died.

Of course, Suzy is fine.

Wooooah, now…

They didn’t die. You didn’t leave the lights on. That person didn’t take that thing the wrong way. You are not useless!

Boy oh boy, the shit we torture ourselves with, and it’s not our fault, intrusive thoughts can pop into our minds out of nowhere. How we handle them can be the difference between a weird moment and a total meltdown, here are some tips.

Talk to yourself with kindness

Six years ago, Guy Winch did this amazing TED talk about practising emotional first aid. It’s well worth a watch, but the bitesize takeaway is to talk to ourselves as we would a friend. If your friend said they thought they were useless, what would you say back? I bet it’s different to what you say to yourself today.

Lols, that was weird…

It’s nice to mix things up. Occasionally I’ll have one pop in my head that feels especially random. Okay, honestly, it’s probably that “Suzy is dead”. Although Suzy isn’t Suzy, it’s my husband Aaron, and he just ate a nut (#allergies) and now he’s Joe Bloggs in a hospital corridor…

In that situation, I often take a metaphorical step back, look at the thought and just give it a nice big - Lol. I observe it like I would someone on a TV sitcom and just smirk and move on. It’s. So. Powerful. It just shuts that shit down.

Give it a go, let me know which works for you.

Until next week,

Every day I’m balancin’

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Listening to Stormzy’s One Second (feat. H.E.R.). Late to the game, I know. But it’s so powerful and reminds me of the wonderful work we do at Shout UK.

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