What is Small Change?

Small Change is Balpro Founder, Amber Coster’s weekly newsletter of ramblings.

It’s focused on one small change that will improve your mental space, work-life, love life, friendships, sleep - or, well, just about anything that may pop into her head and out of her fingers.

It’s not polished.
One week it’ll be an essay.
The next it might be a sentence.

It’s basically a stream of consciousness with actionable advice (and sprinkle of wit).

It’s stuff she needs to write in order to hear - stuff she’s working through, a little bit like a journal which she’s never been good at keeping.

When starting Balpro, she decided she wanted to be honest about what building a business is like, Instagram filters get boring and are not healthy. This newsletter is where she dumps a lot of that stuff too - sneak peeks into the inner workings of a founder and CEO.

It’s called small change ‘cause pennies make pounds. The small stuff adds up.

Also, it’s packed full of GIFs. It’s important we tell you that because Amber says that’s what would make her sign up. So yeah. GIFs.

Why subscribe?

Never miss an update. Simples.

Who is this “Amber Coster” and what is Balpro?

Amber helped take a technology company from a $100m valuation to a $3.7bn acquisition, and then through M&A integration. Along the way, she suffered a [glorious] mental breakdown – leaving her unable to walk or talk properly for six months. Learning from this experience and determined to help prevent others reach this same fate, Amber’s launched Balpro to help organisations grow, but not at the cost of their employees.

A mental health advocate and Shout UK volunteer, Amber is determined to prove that it is possible to have it all, but it takes balance.

Balpro is born from The Balance Project. An organisation that is on a mission to make business better.

Here she is…

And here’s the Balpro logo, cause #Branding